TinEye in Israel

Is it 2009 already? How did that happen?

Happy to welcome you new year – but hey slow down a little, we need a bit of time to appreciate these first frigid months in Toronto. Don’t know about you folks but we are experiencing some crazy cold weather. Ah but we love it! We are Canadian after all and cold winters don’t scare us. Although when I see TinEye reviews in far far away countries I start to wonder about this whole Canadian winter thing! Anyway, TinEye is still traveling the world: yesterday in Israel he made the pages of Nana, Israel’s technology pages – and what a great little article.

You will have to find a friend who speaks Hebrew or try your luck with this Google translation– watch out for the gibberish factor! But thank you Nana for taking TinEye for a spin. It seems there is now an Everywhere Girl in Israel! Our North American Everywhere Girl almost took out the Idée blog last week when our blog post was featured on Reddit which resulted in humongous traffic (nothing like 40,000 people reading the blog post to make your day!). I have a whole series of new matches for the Everywhere Girl so stay posted for a new update.