TinEye language translation

We are happy to announce that the TinEye translation project is now officially underway!

We are asking our multilingual TinEye fans to help us translate TinEye into various languages, section by section.

What does this mean and how will it work? Good questions.

Our first goal is to translate our FAQ page into several different languages. If you are fluent in another language and would like to volunteer with this translation, here is what you can do:

  • Click any of the links below to open one of our translation forms. Each form contains questions from a particular section of our FAQ page.
  • Translate as much or as little as you wish on each form!
  • If you would like your translation credited to you, please don’t forget to provide a name and link where indicated.

As we receive submissions, we will select the most appropriate translations and use them to update TinEye.

We are accepting translations into all languages, but we will be translating the TinEye FAQ page into French to begin with.

…Oh and this is probably obvious, but please don’t provide any Google translations. We can do that ourselves, and it wouldn’t be pretty ;)

FAQ Translation Forms:

Translation Form #1 (Main FAQs)

Translation Form #2 (Using TinEye)

Translation Form #3 (Crawl and Search)

Translation Form #4 (Account Mgmt.)

Translation Form #5 (Plugins)

Translation Form #6 (Future plans)

Image by Joe Shlabotnik