TinEye love, TinEye linkfest!

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Our image search engine is the talk of the town! TinEye has hundreds of mentions on blogs, forums and websites around the world!

“Even if this is in private beta, it works perfectly. TinEye is the start of a revolution.” – Razvan Pirnac, trendblogging.org

tineye.com is an awesome tool. I think it’ll be something we’ll be wondering how we ever lived without in the near future. ” – deadmann, Twitter

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This is something really mind blowing. We are probably witnessing the development of a technology which is going to be used at a regular basis by people like us.” – sundesigns, stock.xchng forum

Are you excited about the next release? We are! Thank you for all your comments, suggestions and tremendous support. We can’t wait to grow our image index and make TinEye better for you. The Idéeplex is buzzing with energy night and day as we work on improvements, they are coming soon! Stay tuned!

We always want to hear from our users, please keep sending your comments, tweaks, feature ideas and kudos (we love kudos!) to tineyefeedback @ ideeinc.com.

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** photo Duncan Cumming