TinEye’s “Cool Searches” – now with extra “cool”!

One of the really fun things about TinEye is coming across a surprising search that makes you say “Wow, this so cool!”

It can be a bit of a contest here at the Idéeplex, finding the most interesting results using our very nifty image search engine.

TinEye has a “Cool Searches” page that showcases some of the interesting TinEye searches we’ve come across in our travels around the web. We’ve just updated it to show you some of the most interesting versions of the images we found and to make it easier for you to replicate the search too!

Cool Search Uncle Sam

Click on any of the images to see them up close. You’ll need a TinEye account to try out these searches yourself. Don’t forget to sign up!

Hello Kitty Cool Search Results

From Uncle Sam to Hello Kitty to Buzz walking on the moon, TinEye is finding awesome variations and amazingly creative edits to the images.

Buzz Cool Search - TinEye

We have introduced the ability for TinEye fans to submit a cool search when you find one, so we will be featuring some of these searches right here and on the TinEye cool search page. When you come across a cool search let us know by clicking on ‘Recommend as a Cool Search’ next to your query image. We review every submission we get.

Have an image that you think might make the cut but don’t have a TinEye account yet? Sign up.

Stay ‘cool’ TinEye fans, lots of exciting news coming your way soon!