Where can I find this lamp?

lamp.pngDuring my travels on the intertubes, I have a had a bad habit of collecting images I think are interesting. I drag images off of web pages and into my “unsorted” pictures folder which I check out every year or so for a laugh. The only thing that’s bad about this habit is that unlike a bookmark, there’s rarely context associated with an image file. There is rarely metadata about the images and filenames often provides no clues as to the source of the image. During my annual pictures folder perusal, I rediscovered this really inventive lamp design. I must have saved it from a web page but I don’t remember which one.

I don’t have any information about the image but would certainly like to find out more. Is this a real lamp I can buy? Who designed it? If it’s for sale, where can I buy it? There’s no metadata in the file itself and the filename wasn’t any help either.

How can I find what I want using only this image?