Photoshelter partners with TinEye

photoshelterWhat happens when you mix two really great things together? Generally, something super-great.

And that’s why the TinEye team is excited to announce our partnership with the good folks over at Photoshelter, a leader in portfolio websites, photo sales and archiving tools for photographers.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be adding the entire Photoshelter image collection to the TinEye search index, making it easy for TinEyers to find Photoshelter photographers as well as identify them as the original author of an image. Plus we’ll be keeping up to date by adding any new Photoshelter images to the TinEye index as they are introduced. Pretty neat, eh?

Check out Photoshelter’s TinEye announcement on their website, and stay tuned to TinEye for some lovely Photoshelter images coming soon!

Update: Check out Photoshelter’s recent blog post, explaining the partnership in more detail.