TinEye got TechCrunch’d!

I’ve seen my fair share of image search demos, and they usually promise far more than they deliver. But last week, I finally saw one that deserves the name. It is called TinEye.” wrote Erick Schonfeld of, you got it, TechCrunch.

In the wee hours of the morning the folks at TechCrunch posted their review of TinEye…I bet you know what happened next!

We’ve been so busy today answering emails and inviting users to our awesome beta image search engine that we are just now getting to blogging about it!

If you missed out on the 500 invitations they were giving out not to worry! You can still sign up for our nifty beta via the TinEye website. We will grant additional invitations as soon as we can.

Thank you TechCrunch! This is just the beginning for TinEye.