Open TinEye! And other stuff…

Well folks we’ve heard you loud and clear: “We don’t want to log in to use TinEye“. Good news! TinEye is now open for anyone and everyone to use, without the need to log in or register. Our registered friends – and there are almost 200,000 of you – however, will enjoy some great perks.
And there have been some other changes too!

Will the real Obama Hope photograph stand up?

I am sure you are wondering what does image recognition have to do with Obama? Me too! A couple of days ago – this is super old news for the blogosphere! – James Danziger posted about how he spent months searching for the original photograph that Shepard Fairey used to create his Obama Hope image. I am sure you have all seen the Obama Hope work?

To pose, perchance to sleeveface…

As we mentioned last week, the sleeveface contest at the idéeplex during our TinEye Music beta release party was a ton of fun. Now it’s time to select the winners of our sleeveface-off.
To // Sleeveface // : one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.

Multicolr Search: now 100% pure Creative Commons

What’s even better than a Multicolr search lab with 3 million interesting images?
One with 10 million Creative Commons images!
That’s right, the Flickr Multicolr search lab just received a facelift and now it works with 10 millions Creative Commons images from Flickr.

TinEye: now searching 900 million images!

That’s right folks, we just added another 200 million images to TinEye (give or take a few million).  Now you can search over 900,000,000 images in real time, comparing any image against our index of almost one billion images crawled from the web. What does this mean for you, TinEye searcher? More matches! Let’s try out a few example searches using the same images I used in an earlier...

Angry baby meets TinEye

Yes, everyone’s favourite irate infant has made it to the Idée blog. And what could be more amusing than the original shot of this cranky little fellow? Well let me tell you, that would be the TinEye embeddable “angry baby’ widget, showcasing the many creative edits folks have made to this belligerent baby’s photo. How did we do it? We used TinEye to locate copies of the image from all...

ars technica reviews TinEye

Jacqui Cheng from ars technica took TinEye for a spin and shared her thoughts on our image search engine, saying: Our opinion of the site transformed from skeptical to impressed as we used it more and more. It’s obviously not meant for casual web browsing or finding out what that crazy animal you saw on the side of the road is. However, if you are trying to keep track of how your creations...