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TinEye API accounts… the really-super-easy way

A while back we introduced the TinEye API: a paid search alternative for professional, commercial, or high-volume users. While the free version of TinEye only allows you to do a limited number of searches per day and is for non-commercial use only, the TinEye API allows you to purchase as many searches as you like for commercial or non-commercial use.

TinEye Firefox: 1 Million Downloads

Wowowow! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded our little Firefox extension… we hope it has made your lives easier, and maybe even a bit more fun! For those who don’t know, the TinEye extension for Firefox (featured by Rock Your Firefox) adds a right-click menu items that lets you search for images as you browse the web. We also have extensions for Chrome, Safari and IE. Check them...

Apple and Google feature TinEye extensions

Yay, more Chrome love! Today the Google Chrome extension gallery featured our TinEye extension as a front-page “Top Pick”:

And Apple’s new Safari Extension Gallery has featured the TinEye extension in the “Photo” category:

Google features TinEye extension for Chrome

We have extension fever here at TinEye HQ, and apparently it’s catching.
Last week, the Google Blog included TinEye in their list of favourite Chrome extensions as chosen by the Chrome team themselves. And with over 30,000 downloads, TinEye has also been selected as featured Chrome extension!

What features would you like to see in TinEye?

Howdy folks! We are furiously working on the next stage of development for TinEye which will include all sorts of wonderful things:

Automated image monitoring and image alerts
User-submitted contributions to the TinEye image database
A bigger and better index as always

But besides these gems, what would you like to see?
Please answer in the comments–speak and be heard!

Safari extension is here!

The TinEye extension is now available for Safari, allowing you to conveniently search for any web image straight from your browser.
Once installed, simply right-click on any web image and select either “Search Image on TinEye” or “Search Page on TinEye”. Results are displayed for you at

Remember sorting preferences

They say a robot never forgets–or is that an elephant? Well in any case, TinEye has been doing his memory exercises because he now remembers your sorting preferences! Whether you’re logged in our out, and even if you’ve totally shut down your browser, TinEye will remember your last sorting preference. For example, if you searched for the biggest version of an image the last time...

TinEye down for maintenance

Hi TinEyers,
TinEye will be taken offline for a few days for some server maintenance and a little catnap (he gets cranky without his yearly nap)!
We plan to have everything up and running again by Tuesday June 22nd or earlier if possible.
Thanks for your patience, folks!

Image by kaibara87