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41 million new images added to TinEye!

We’re really excited about this latest batch of images, because it officially puts us past the 1.5 billion image mark. w00t!
You can follow our Updates page to find out when other new images are added to TinEye, or just start searching right now!

Image by comedy_nose

Attention technophiles and TinEye fans!

Hello, fellow nerds and geeks! If you:
a) looooove technology
b) are a STUDENT (proof required)
c) live in the Greater Toronto Area
Then you’re in luck! Because we’ve got two student tickets to meshU burning a hole in our collective pocket, and they’re up for grabs!

Share your TinEye success stories with us!

We often receive emails, tweets and Facebook messages from people who have been helped by TinEye and want to share their story with us. That is awesome, we love giving our robot a pat on the back!
Today we’ve introduced a little feature specifically for sharing your TinEye success stories. A new link appears right in your image search results:

Unveiling our TinEye redesign

Hello folks! If you haven’t noticed, things are looking quite different over at TinEye. We have been working on the redesign with the great folks over at silverorange, and we’re sure they’re just as excited about the launch as we are!

Recap: TinEye browser extensions make image search easier

TinEye browser extensions make searching for image-use faster and easier! Our newest extension for Chrome was unveiled earlier this month on the Chrome Extensions site. Once installed, just click on the TinEye button on your Chrome toolbar, and the extension looks through the page you’re on for all images.  Click on the image you want, and voila! TinEye whirls into action.

The TinEye Chrome extension is here!

You asked for it, and we are happy to deliver. The TinEye extension for Chrome is now live, and ready to make your searching a little easier. Instructions for installing the extension can be found on our browser extensions page, or you can just jump right over to the Chrome Extensions site and click ‘Install’. It’s that easy! While you’re there, be sure to check out our...

TinEye planned downtime for Feb 9th @ 10am EST

Just a head’s up that we have some planned downtime for TinEye scheduled for Tuesday February 9th @ 10am EST. We will be doing some behind-the-scenes maintenance and TinEye should only be offline for about an hour. Thanks for your patience.

Photo by Jakob Montrasio

TinEye now accepting image collection submissions

TinEye has just one goal in life: To connect images and information. Whether that means finding the original author of an image, finding out where an image has been used on the web, or finding out more information about an image in general, TinEye wants to help you find the information you’re looking for. And the bigger our database of images, the better!