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MulticolorEngine: color search with tags

TinEye color search fans rejoice! One of the most requested feature for our TinEye color search lab is the ability to not only search by color but also refine searches by using tags. And that’s what you are going to be able to do as of now: our new color search lab incorporates tags. You can now search 20 million creative commons images using both colors and tags.

Let us treat you to a VIP ticket for the Toronto Maker Faire!

Here at TinEye, we’re a bunch of DIY believers. All our equipment is designed and built by our stellar techie team and we added a maker space to our office earlier in the year. That’s why we’re excited to be supporting Toronto’s 3rd Maker Faire, taking place at the Toronto Reference Library on November 22-23.

Introducing color search for Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy introduces color search powered by our MulitcolorEngine API! Insert happy excited GIF right here! Thanks to a partnership with Sherwin Williams, Apartment Therapy house tour photos are now searchable by color. Go ahead and give it a try. You can pick up to 5 colors for your searches.

How to find high resolution images with TinEye

It seems rather likely that if you are searching for an image, that you would want to find the largest version of that image, right? TinEye has a set of features that allow you to find the largest image in your TinEye results. This can be helpful in finding out additional information about the image you are looking for. For example, let’s say you are trying to find the owner of an image but...

You are Awesome!

It’s no secret that we here at TinEye HQ are very fond of les animaux. So what better way to celebrate the Toronto Wildlife Center’s (TWC) 21st anniversary then by throwing a YOU ARE AWESOME party!
It’s Easy. You can do it too.

Doubleplus Chutzpah!

  Doubleplus Chutzpah or when a company in your industry helps itself to your images! Sometimes what we find when we look at where our TinEye graphics appear on the web (we are an image search company after all!) is not really surprising. Like our corporate logo in the profile of an Elance designer we don’t even know! That’s not news as this type of thing happens everyday on the web...

Extending our Extensions

We have a few TinEye browser extension updates to tell you about. The extensions let you search for images with just a right click, to make TinEye searches as easy as can be!
The biggest news: we have a new Opera extension that works with the new Opera. Good idea, what? Lots of people were asking for this one, and now it’s here.

TinEye: Introducing sort by date.

Today, we are introducing two new options: “newest” and “oldest”. These sort functions are date specific. The “newest” sort order displays the TinEye image results most recently found by TinEye’s web-crawlers at the top. The “Oldest” does the opposite, showing the earliest crawled images at the top. This is handy of course for anyone who is...