AuthorLeila Boujnane

Celebrating Earth Day!

I was at home working, staring at my laptop screen during the Easter holiday when I saw that outdoor company The North Face had launched a global petition to make Earth Day (April 22) an officially recognized holiday. Earth Day has been celebrated unofficially since the 1970s in North America. Earth Day was created by Gaylor Nelson, governor of Wisconsin (1958-1962) and U.S. Senator (1963-1981)...

You are Awesome!

It’s no secret that we here at TinEye HQ are very fond of les animaux. So what better way to celebrate the Toronto Wildlife Center’s (TWC) 21st anniversary then by throwing a YOU ARE AWESOME party!
It’s Easy. You can do it too.

TinEye: Introducing sort by date.

Today, we are introducing two new options: “newest” and “oldest”. These sort functions are date specific. The “newest” sort order displays the TinEye image results most recently found by TinEye’s web-crawlers at the top. The “Oldest” does the opposite, showing the earliest crawled images at the top. This is handy of course for anyone who is...

Our TinEye tshirts are almost here!

Love the Hardboiled Inc folks producing our TinEye tshirts! I still remember when they opened up their shop in Kensington Market in Toronto in 2001!

We have been playing with a few designs and are really excited to see them next week (we hope!).


Our TinEye friend Reg Braithwaite nails it with his tweet this morning which brought roars of laughter to our office: But all hilarity aside: it seems that SixDead Entertainment (based in Montreal!) has simply ripped off our (awesome) TinEye robot. We understand. TinEye is an awesome robot, he is cute, steely, has great vision, works hard and is really powerful at searching for images. We...

TinEye Multicolor Search on Hacker News

Well, good morning! Always nice to wake up to Hacker News love for our multicolor search! If you haven’t tried our color search, go ahead and try it now. Warning: this is highly addictive! We also release a color extraction tool whereby you can extract all the colors present in an image, give it a whirl in our lab as well. Color search 101 and color extraction 101 cover the basics of the...

MulticolorEngine: a color search API!

It is finally here!
MulticolorEngine, the API powering our color search lab is now released. You have probably already played with our released color search lab and already experienced addictive color searching but if you haven’t, give it a whirl today. In our lab, you can search a 10 million image collection by colors. Not just one color!

The internet map illustrated by traffic and user activity.

Russian data-visualisation designer Ruslan Enikeev has mapped 350,000 websites and 2 million links from 196 countries according to levels of activity and the other sites visited by their users. Each website is represented by a circle. The size of the circle is determined by website traffic. The color of the circle is determined by countries (for example US is blue, Canada is purple). The gaps...